• Porsche "Earl Hernest IV"
    Porsche "Earl Hernest IV" • Commercial • Car • Humour • Storytelling
  • Let's start today "Sweaty Santa"
    Let's start today "Sweaty Santa" • Commercial • Social • Humour • Kids
  • Kartensicherheit.de "PIN Bootcamp"
    Kartensicherheit.de "PIN Bootcamp" • Commercial • Business • Dialog • Humour • Storytelling
  • Happy Dog "Katze"
    Happy Dog "Katze" • Commercial • Animals • Humour • Storytelling
  • Hofbräu "Outer Space"
    Hofbräu "Outer Space" • Commercial • Beverage • Humour • Visual effects
  • Happy Dog "Wagenheber"
    Happy Dog "Wagenheber" • Commercial • Animals • Humour • Storytelling
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Moritz Rautenberg - Director of Photography

Moritz Rautenberg Aliens. The German chancellor. Santa Claus. Moritz had every one of them in front of his camera. He claims he has the best job in the world, except maybe for Udo Lindenberg. Moritz’ accountant has a different opinion on that. HIS PHILOSOPHY: There are three main components of a film: story, story and story. Moritz' cinematography strives to stay true to that - always. THE PAST: The 80s: Born in Hamburg. The 90s: Grew up without a television. The 00s: Discovered his passion for cinema roughly after its 100th anniversary. Since 2010: Got a camera. Got into film school. Got a degree. THE PRESENT: Moritz currently shoots commercials and fictional films for both the small and the big screen. While not shooting he enjoys good company, electronic music and unhealthy food. His cooking skills are lousy. THE FUTURE: Touching the audience with the narrative of his images. Giving every film the distinctive atmosphere and feeling it needs. Support the creative vision of every different director. Putting money aside for a 1960s Ford Mustang Fastback.
General Infos


Commercials • Corporate Films • Short Films

Storytelling • Humour • Animals • Landscape • Visual effects

35mm • RED-CAM • DSLRs • Alexa • MōVI • Remote Control Heads

English • German


Astra • Eurokartensysteme • Happy Cat • HappyDog • Hofbräu • Let´s Start Today • Porsche

Corporate Films
Freecross "Night Rider"

Short Films
"Beyond Words" / "Jenseits von Worten" • "Cake & Crumble" • "Elisas Fenster" • "It also works without a wheel" / "Ohne Lenkrad geht's auch" • "It's Complicated" • "Isarnights" • "Lessons of Hal Hartley" • "Moment" • "Naoko" • "Oxygen" • "To Nashville"


Alexander Griffith • Andreas Irnstorfer • Bruno Fritzsche • Christian Ricken • David Clay Diaz • Diana Andriotis • Elisa Nadal • Florian Freund • Karsten Hinrichs • Katharina Knaus • Lorenz Weissfuss • Matthias Kahnt • Oscar Lauterbach • Oliver Mohr • Patrick Horn


4x GOLD at Spotlight Award
GOLD at Porsche Award
GOLD at Golden Award of Montreaux
GOLD at Hofbräu Trophy
GOLD at ClimateClip Award
GOLD at KurzundSchön Festival
GOLD at Rüsselsheim Festival
SILVER at Spotlight Award
2x BRONZE at Spotlight Award
BRONZE at Clio Advertising Award
Moritz was also awarded one of the 10 most successfull up-and-coming creative people in 2016 by W&V-magazine and was nominated for the German Advertising Award.