• Reebok "Sport The Unexpected"
    Reebok "Sport The Unexpected" • Commercial • Sport • Fashion • Urban
  • Yamaha "Revs Your Heart"
    Yamaha "Revs Your Heart" • Commercial • Automotive • Action
  • BMW "The Roadster" DC
    BMW "The Roadster" DC • Commercial • Car • Visual effects
  • Colorado Denim "Desert"
    Colorado Denim "Desert" • Commercial • Fashion • Beauty
  • BMW i8 "Born Electric"
    BMW i8 "Born Electric" • Commercial • Car
  • KTM 250 Duke "One Of A Kind"
    KTM 250 Duke "One Of A Kind" • Commercial • Automotive • Sport
  • Jobware "Ich hab den Job"
    Jobware "Ich hab den Job" • Commercial • Technic • Vignette • People
  • Almased "Einfach weil es funktioniert"
    Almased "Einfach weil es funktioniert" • Commercial • Vignette • Animals • People • Food
  • Mercedes Benz "Rent" DC
    Mercedes Benz "Rent" DC • Commercial • Car • Vignette
  • Aston Martin "Vanquish"
    Aston Martin "Vanquish" • Commercial • Car
  • UNICEF "Child Labour"
    UNICEF "Child Labour" • Commercial • Social • Visual effects
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Andreas H. Soyka - Director

Andreas H. Soyka There are two maxims by which I live my life. "Harmony" and "Balance". If you are not in harmony with yourself, you will never achieve an inner balance that allows you to be better than you actually are. And if you are not in harmony with what you are doing, you will never achieve an inner balance that allows you to become better than all the others. If you think about it, this logic applies to all areas in life, and of course to filmmaking! My work (and the way I work), is dedicated to these two maximes. Aesthetics, impact, visual language, expression, as well as humor, tension, atmosphere and sustainability. All these things need to be in perfect harmony with each other, to achieve a balance that allows the film to become extraordinary. Because if there is one thing that a film shouldn't be, it is ordinary!
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Author • Commercials • Corporate Films • Documentaries • Music Videos • Short Films

Car • Beauty • Vignette • Lifestyle • Humour • Automotive

German • English


Allnatura • Almased • Aston Martin • AutoCAD • BMW • BMWi8 • Colorado Denim • Exporo • Festool • Fielmann • Finanzcheck.de • G20 • GDV • Inpunkto • Jobware • KTM 250 Duke • Lufthansa • Mercedes-Benz • Parship • Pizza.de • Reebok • Sennheiser • Shell • Suzuki • Volksbank • Wunder2 • Xing • Yamaha • ZVEI

Corporate Films
Evonik "Power to Create" • Lufthansa "Goodbye, Bobby" • Mercedes-Benz - "Dynamic Lease for Trucks" • Sennheiser "Pink Floyd Ambeo 3D" • ZVEI - Die Elektroindustrie - "100 Jahre Innovation für Menschen"

Short Films
"König" • "Die Zweite Runde"


Schanzenfestival 73 (Bester Film / Publikumspreis)
Jam Festival (Bester Film / Bester Hauptdarsteller)
Toronto Independent Cinema (Bester ausländischer Film)
Festival international de Cortometrajes de Barcelona (Bester ausländischer Film)
König (2010)

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