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ADOTs idea of a movie: "Close to the bone. Intense, sensual, vibrant. But although keeping the decent distance in honor and respect of that human being acting in front of the camera. Supporting the message and idea, but never copycatting. Anyway, it’s all nothing without focusing on details."

Adrian Koch is a young talented filmmaker from Düsseldorf. He gathered experience by creating various Music videos and commercials for companies as VW, Porsche, Lufthansa. His focus lies on automotive and Sports with authentic portraits or emotional storytelling, in combination with animations.

Andreas has two maxims: "Harmony" and "Balance". Aesthetics, impact, visual language, expression, as well as humor, tension, atmosphere and sustainability: All these things need to be in perfect harmony with each other, to achieve a balance that allows the film to become extraordinary. Because if there is one thing that a film shouldn't be, it is ordinary!

Bruce Parramore is an international advertising film director, winning numerous international awards. Beside 38 feature films, he directed more than 800 TVC's for clients such as, Commerzbank, Skoda, Orange, Ferrero, Heineken. His love of dance has made him an expert in the musical genre.

Crobin does not like prematurely stopped microwaves, coffee, head massagers or gum chewing. He does however, like creating great film that stays with you long after you view it. His smart, funny work for places such as ESPN, Viacom Velocity and 72andsunny has won a wheelbarrow full of awards.

Daniel is a storyteller. No matter if developing a TV show or directing a commercial - story comes first. Moving people. Making them laugh. With characters that stick out. That's why he loves working with actors. Finding new talents is one of his trademarks.

Buenos Aires / London based. Storytelling and directing actors are his strong qualities as well a cinematic way of viewing the world. He shot for renowned brands like Ripley, Gilette, Pepsi, LG, Pantene, Sony. Diego won two Cannes Plate Lions, one Golden Pencil, two mentions at El Diente and Short list Effie.

Enelio is a visual and dialog director based in Spain. His work is a successful balance mix of visual conception and photography with an extensive work experience with the mayor brands in US and Europe. Clients like Nike, Coca Cola, Puma, Mercedes Benz, Movistar, HBO, Pepsi, Honda, Samsung and many other worked with him for many years.

Gero von Braunmühl is an exciting German director who highlights a project with his special touch and whose reel boasts a wealth of eye-catching work. Gero began his career as photographer and 1st AD but always had his eye on directing. He first made the jump with award-winning music videos and documentaries before turning to directing commercials.

Heiko is an internationally awarded animation and live action director. He worked with Hollywood stars such as Whoopi Goldberg and Juliette Lewis and has excessive writing and pre-visualization skills together with an unique approach to content creation. Heiko worked around the world for many clients and brands.

Ian began his film and television career as an animator. In 1973 his groundbreaking film "French Windows" brought him to Pink Floyd who commissioned him to visualize one of the greatest albums of all time - The Dark Side Of The Moon. Ian's animation became the founding style for future Pink Floyd visuals, evident in Roger Water's The Wall.

Luki is based in Thun/Swiss. He likes people who do not take themselves too seriously and have a good sense for irony. In his features and commercials he always trys to put humans and human emotions into the center of attention.

Michael loves storytelling and humour. Since he grew up he was fascinated by films, books and graphic novels. He studied film and media at the university Hildesheim. Doing an internship at the Roman Kuhn film production while his studies, he discovered the possibility to combine comedy, comic style and film in a short and fast paced mixture: commercials!

Minh pretty early got in touch with performing arts. He was educated in ballet, classical guitar and traditional martials arts, before he started his first audiovisual projects as a director. Minh loves creating unique visual communication and is always looking for new challenges and collaborations.

MISTER, driven by RENO! and Manuel Wenger, are a directing & DoP team. They love to work with VFX which, in their opinion, offers creative space for the realization of unconventional ideas. "There are no bad stories. Every story is good in its own way, it depends on the perspective how you want to tell & show it!"

Niklas Hansen is an internationally acclaimed commercials director based in Stockholm. Niklas has extensive experience of complex productions. His style of both directing and editing his material is with a distinct feeling of presence. In case the script doesn’t require it, Niklas' camera will most likely never be still – for real.

Norberts special approach to filmmaking has not only made him getting more than hundred awards but made him international "wanted". Also as a photographer with master degree he is addicted to picture strength. The perfect view angel in combination with a stringent way of storytelling makes his films extraordinary and recognizable. He's a ”car maniac”.

RENO! is fascinated with the medium’s ability to touch people and at the same time to open up different perspectives, worlds and realities. His experience with camera work plays an important role in the development of his projects. He loves to break boundaries and takes the extra mile and extra step further for the perfect image and the perfect moment.

Best known for his emotional storytelling and captivating beauty and lifestyle commercials, Richard is a real multi-talent. As a director, photographer, writer, and former editor / visual-effect artist he knows every aspect of film-making by heart. During his career, he directed feature films, TV series, as well as countless commercials and corporate films.

Finding the "endearing” in everyday moments, the appreciation for lifestyles & natural elegance, is what drives Sebastian. It is his curiosity, to find what is lovable in the everyday, to find effortless beauty and honesty coupled with pure emotions.Sebastian's passion for design leads to a strong vision, execution and end results.

Stephan loves putting people into the limelight and telling catchy stories. Brief, to the point, snappy and always with an authentic and fantastic cast. Consequently, the focus of his work is somewhere between storytelling, comedy, vfx and beauty. Stephan´s style is at once slick and bizarre, bold and harsh, beautiful and pure, mesmerizing and expressive.

Susann's fascination are cars and storytelling. For Susann it is extremely important to look outside the box and to search and to implement new ideas. From the familiar and commonplace she creates the surprising and the extraordinary. The results are unique images full of visual intensity and moody atmosphere.

Tim’s interests and career span many creative disciplines: as an advertising, documentary and music-video director, photographer, filmmaker, radio broadcaster, writer and publisher. He continues to work extensively in the world of fashion and beauty creating TVC and on-line campaigns for a great many of the major cosmetic brands globally

Zhong To is a Berlin based and internationally connected commercial Director and DoP. Always following his motivation to close the gap between cinematic excellence, high-level storytelling and clients' needs, his work enjoys vast acknowledgement and recognition, such as Cannes Lions, Goldene Kamera and ADC Europe.