• Mercedes "Celebrate The Star"
    Director: ADRIAN GERMAN KOCH • Title: Mercedes "Celebrate The Star"
  • FUJITSU "Transfemation"
    Director: DANIEL VOGELMANN • Title: FUJITSU "Transfemation"
  • Uday Benegal "Antigravity" Shortcut
    Director of Photography: ZUBIN MISTRY • Title: Uday Benegal "Antigravity" Shortcut
  • SONY "Song Swimmer"
    Director: DIEGO FRIED • Title: SONY "Song Swimmer"
  • Philip Morris "Journey Forward"
    Director: ENELIO FARINA • Title: Philip Morris "Journey Forward"
  • Lindt "The Grand Opening with Roger Federer"
    Director: LUKI FRIEDEN • Title: Lindt "The Grand Opening with Roger Federer"
  • BMW "The Roadster" DC
    Director: ANDREAS H. SOYKA • Title: BMW "The Roadster" DC
  • UNICEF "Child Labour"
    Director of Photography: MARTIN LEVENT • Title: UNICEF "Child Labour"
  • Verborgene Welten "Die Höhle der Toten" Trailer
    Director: NORBERT VANDER • Title: Verborgene Welten "Die Höhle der Toten" Trailer
  • VHF "Milling and Cutting"
    Director of Photography: GERHARD HIRSCH • Title: VHF "Milling and Cutting"
  • NasicNeo "Befreit, Pflegt, Schützt"
    Director / DoP: PHILIPP KAISER • Title: NasicNeo "Befreit, Pflegt, Schützt"
  • Turmschatten "Roman Teaser"
    Director: RENO! • Title: Turmschatten "Roman Teaser"
  • Nivea "Cleansing Mousse" DC
    Director: RICHARD CAESAR • Title: Nivea "Cleansing Mousse" DC
  • "Hundred" Trailer
    Director of Photography: VOLKER SCHELLBACH • Title: "Hundred" Trailer
  • "The Boy" Trailer
    Director of Photography: DANIEL PEARL A.S.C. • Title: "The Boy" Trailer
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