• McDonalds "Stammtisch" DC
    McDonalds "Stammtisch" DC • Commercial • Food • Humour • Storytelling
  • Kaufland "Schnelle Nummer - Steffen Henssler"
    Kaufland "Schnelle Nummer - Steffen Henssler" • Content • Business • Celebrity • Food • Humour
  • Kosmos "Talentfrei"
    Kosmos "Talentfrei" • Commercial • Kids • Entertainment • Humour
  • McDonald's "Activist"
    McDonald's "Activist" • Commercial • Food • Humour • Storytelling
  • HARD WAY "The Action Musical" (Official Trailer)
    HARD WAY "The Action Musical" (Official Trailer) • Short Film • Action • Dance • Entertainment • Storytelling
  • BBB "Das größte Verbrechen unserer Zeit"
    BBB "Das größte Verbrechen unserer Zeit" • Commercial • Humour • Storytelling • Dialog
  • NetID "Der Aufzug"
    NetID "Der Aufzug" • Commercial • Technic • Humour • Dialog
  • Hoffmann Group "Armin"
    Hoffmann Group "Armin" • Commercial • Business • Humour
  • Payback "Schnitzel"
    Payback "Schnitzel" • Commercial • Technic • Humour • Storytelling
  • McDonalds "Graspapier"
    McDonalds "Graspapier" • Commercial • Testimonial • People • Sport
  • McDonald's "Plastik"
    McDonald's "Plastik" • Commercial • Food • Humour • Vignette
  • BBB "Electronic Storm"
    BBB "Electronic Storm" • Commercial • Social • Humour
  • McDonald's "Mutter Erde"
    McDonald's "Mutter Erde" • Commercial • Food • Humour • Visual effects
  • NetID "Der dritte Mann"
    NetID "Der dritte Mann" • Commercial • Technic • Humour
  • FUJITSU "Transfemation"
    FUJITSU "Transfemation" • Commercial • Technic • Visual effects • Dance
  • BBB "Konsumterror an Weihnachten"
    BBB "Konsumterror an Weihnachten" • Commercial • Humour • Action • Storytelling
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Daniel Vogelmann - Director

Daniel Vogelmann When Daniel was only eleven, he made a spoof movie with friends. He directed and starred in it. He would never brag about it, but he played Bond. James Bond. So. That‘s when it all started. Daniel is a storyteller. No matter if developing a TV show or directing a commercial - story comes first. Moving people. Making them laugh. With characters that stick out. That's why he loves working with actors. Finding new talents is one of his trademarks. Daniels second love is music. His band is called "The Exploding Voids" and they made the title song for the highly praised German TV show "Hindafing". With his awards-winning graduation film "Hard Way", Daniel combined his passions and made an action musical. An internationally acclaimed short film about a singing and dancing SWAT team.
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Bohemian Browser Ballett "Das größte Verbrechen unserer Zeit" • Bohemian Browser Ballett "Electric Storm" • Duravit • E.H.C. Klostersee - Tiefgarage, Wohnungstür • Fujitsu • Hoffmann Group • MAN • McDonald's - Plastik • McDonald's - Activist • McDonald's - Big Mac Index • McDonald's - EM Virals • McDonald's - Graspapier • McDonald's - Halloween Special • Mediamarkt - div. • NetID • Payback - div. • Saturn • Zwilling

Corporate Films
Airbus Group - Weihnachten, Teaser (Animation) • Geisels Werneckhof - Tohru Nakamura, Imagefilm • Herbig Verlag - Nimm mich mit nach Gestern, Buchtrailer • Loewe - IFA Messeauftritt, Verschiedene Exponate (Animation) • McDonald's - Da Hatma Indien, Inhalte für Website • Microsoft Germany - Kick it 3.0, Imagefilm • MTU Aero Engines, Exponat für Messe (Animation) • Munich Fashion Fair, Diverse Imagefilme • Random House - Sag Fuck it, Buchtrailer (Animation) • VRPE Team - Airbus Showroom, Imagefilm • Wrigley's Airwaves - WM Promo, Infoscreen Filme (Animation)

Music Videos
C.O.W. - "Cringe Lords" • The Exploding Voids - "As It Comes" • The Exploding Voids - "Boy Meets Girl" • The Exploding Voids - "What It Is About" (Animation)

Short Films
"Dubois", Comedy • "Duplex", Horror • "Hard Way" - The Action Musical, Comedy • "Kontingenzbewältigung", Experimental • "Rumkugeln mit Völkerball", Comedy • "Welk", Horror • "Zu Gast bei den Poulardes", Comedy

"Ach wie gut – dass niemand weiß": Zur Filmsprache von Werner Nekes, Portrait • "Die Weltenbummler", Drama


BBI Förderpreis, Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
Badass Action Award, Genrenale
Best Comedy, Doc Sunback Festival
Best Director, Espantomania Sao Paulo
Best Director, Toxic Film Festival
Best Fantasy Film, Dragon Con
Best Feature Film, Cim Sueca Festival
Best Fiction Short Film, Hyperion Film Festival
Best Foreign Film, Killer Film Fests
Best Horror Short Film, Cinefantasy
Best International Short Film, Fixion Sars Santiago
Best International Short Film, Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest
Best Screenplay, Espantomania Sao Paulo
Best Short, Toxic Film Festival
Best Short Film LGBT, San Jose Film Awards
Best Short Fiction and Sci-Fi, Espantomania Sao Paulo
Best Short Film Director, Cinefantasy
Best Short Film Screenplay, Cinefantasy
Best Student Film, Falcon Film Festival
Bronze, Konstanzer Kurzfilmspielen
Deadline Award, Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
Goldene Heidi, HFF Filmschau
Honorable Mention, Filmzeit Kaufbeuren
Honorable Mention, Landshuter Kurzfilm Festival
Honorable Mention, Sehsüchte
Instant Cult, Toxic Film Festival
Press Award, Clujshorts Film Festival
Most Original Concept, Toxic Film Festival
New Blood Prize, Fixion Sars Santiago
No Fear Award, First Steps Awards (nominiert)
Shocking Shorts Award (nominiert)
Short Film Audience Award, Lusca Film Fest
Special Jury Prize, Jim Thorpe Festival
Special Mention der Grand Jury, International Film Festival Brno
Student Jury Award, International Film Festival Brno

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